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Who can Kids’ Chance help?

Kids' Chance can help the 18-year-old Maryland student whose parent was seriously injured on the job, who now wishes to attend a vocational/ technical school to learn a trade.

Kids' Chance can also help the 20-year-old Maryland college student who now has no funds to continue his or her education due to a parent's catastrophic injury in a work-related accident.

If you know of such a student, contact us
at 410-832-4702
or by e-mail at You never know; that student your son or daughter knows who just lost his or her parent may just qualify for one of our scholarships!



What is Kids' Chance of Maryland, Inc.?

It is a nonprofit corporation developed by the concerned volunteers in Maryland’s legal community, in association with insurers, employers, and the labor, medical and workers’ compensation community. The purpose of Kids’ Chance is to provide financial scholarships for children of catastrophically or fatally injured workers to complete their high school, college, technical school, or post-graduate education. Kids’ Chance of Maryland, Inc. is a tax-exempt, charitable organization.

Which children are eligible for the scholarships?

The Kids' Chance of Maryland scholarship is intended to assist in obtaining a high school, vocational, college, or post-graduate education for financially needy, qualified, worthy, and deserving students. Students may not be older than 25 years of age. Students must have had a parent or guardian who has suffered a catastrophic or fatal accidental injury or occupational disease while working for a Maryland employer.

How long is this scholarship for?

Generally, the scholarship is good for one semester, and the applicant must maintain acceptable grades. The applicant must reapply at the end of each semester for the scholarship to continue.

What does the scholarship cover?

Scholarship awards vary and depend largely on the needs and educational expenses of the student. Scholarships cover tuition and books, but may also include housing and meals.

Click here for more information on the Kids' Chance of Maryland scholarship fund.